10 Unusual Business Cards You Can Taste

Having unusual business cards is one of the best strategy to advertise your business. That is why many businesses are trying to make their business cards standout by using unusual design, colors, shapes or materials to print their contact details. In this post, we tried to pool together some inspirational business cards that are edible. Yes you read it right… you can actually taste and eat these business cards. Previously, edible business cards were generally made of chocolate and cookies from groceries and bakeries. But now, almost any business or profession can also make edible business cards. Just take a look at the examples below.

To view a larger version of each card, just click on the preview image. Additional information such as the process used to print the card, the material and other important details can be found at the page where we originally found the business card.


01-Headhunter Business Card
100% discreet business cards for head hunter Aert van Seggelen. Completely edible business cards with ‘read it then eat it’ instruction.

unusual business cards

02-Meat Business Cards
Putting your contact details on a beef jerky is a guarantee that prospective employers won’t throw your business cards along with other unread resumes. This meat business card carries a tag line: “Meat Cards do not fit in a Rolodex, because of their deliciousness  CANNOT BE CONTAINED in a Rolodex.”

unusual business cards

03-Chocolate Business Card
Give your clients a treat with chocolate business cards such as these ones from an intellectual property law firm, Kenyon & Kenyon

unusual business cards

04-Edible Business Cards from Arigatou Co., Ltd.
This company specializes in the sale of laser-etched food products such as this edible business cards printed on peanuts. Peanuts are not the only product they print on, you can also use walnuts, cashew nuts, red bean, black bean, grains of rice, and even pasta for your business card. Arigatou uses a high-grade CO2 laser engraver nicknamed “Shiawase-kun,” which can etch up to 700 characters per second on hard organic materials. A set of 150 Taberu Me cards costs 5,800 yen (around $50). via Trendhunter

unusual business cards

05-BC Adventure Business Card
Here’s another unusual business card with information laser etched on a beef jerky.

unusual business cards

06-Headhunter Business Card
Bombay Bakery made edible business cards to let their customers have an actual taste of their products. These business cards are actually made from cookies and you can also get them in different flavors!

unusual business cards

07-Fortune Cookie Business Cards
A brilliant idea, and you will probably remember this designer, but ultimately all you are left with is a scrap of paper. (via good design bad design)

unusual business cards

08-Sweetpies Dessert Studio Business Cards
These unusual business cards looks sweet and delicious.

unusual business cards

09-Good Fortunes Edible Business Cards
Here is a sweet way to build your business. These unusual business cards are made of Graham Crackers coated with White Chocolate and decorated with a 100% edible image of your business card.Framed with edible candy sprinkles, this is one sweet idea!

unusual business cards

10-Another edible business card in the making
This one would probably look best if itched on a dark chocolate…

unusual business cards

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  1. Great collection, really unique and out of the box business card design.
    Thanks for share

  2. Very cool collection. Very creative idea. Very tasty & delicious business card collection. Thanks for share. :)

  3. Thanks, keep this great work!!!

  4. Very unusual business cards. I haven’t seen an article on only business cards you can eat!

    Any suggestions on how to make business cards on my business edible? My logo at BusinessUnusual.Net is a BUN. Any new ideas?

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