11 Examples of Raised Ink Business Cards

Raised ink business cards are one of those specialist business cards that have been there for years. It has been a very popular printing style among wedding invites and other formal invitation for years. Raised ink printing, also known as thermography, can add a third dimension to your business cards, giving them depth that people can’t resist to touch.

How does thermography or raised ink printing differ from other printing processes? Raised ink business cards are printed just like other cards via offset printing. However, in thermography, a special powder is sprayed on the card while the ink is still wet. The powder then sticks to the wet ink then the cards are exposed to an ultra-violet ‘curer’ that bakes the powder/ink part of the thermo card. You can choose glossy, flat or metallic finishes for your raised business cards.

raised ink business cards

Thermography is similar to the process of engraving but the procedure is fairly simpler as lesser raw materials are required. Apart from that, it is also more cost effective and effective in the long run because the dye does not run out or get washed away if a liquid is to fall on it.

However, if you are the designer it is important to understand the limitations when designing a thermographed or raised business card.

1) Avoid any type that is very small, or thin since the thermo process can easily fill-in gaps between characters on small type.

2) Thermo cannot be applied to tints (e.g. 50% red) as these would need to be printed separately, which means additional cost. In other words, elements of a design that you want to be thermographed should be in spot colors or solid ink. Thus, it is impossible to thermograph a multi-colored logo

3) Forget CMYK. You need to supply the printer the Pantone or the colors and spot colors that you used in the design.

To illustrate what we are discussing here, we decided to round up 11 beautiful examples of raised ink business cards. You can view the larger version of these preview images by visiting the web pages where they were sourced. To do that, simply click on the text link provided below each preview image of these raised ink business cards. I hope you will enjoy this collection as well.

01-Linen Business Cards with Thermography
The use of linen, which is a fabric textured white card stock is a good starting point for a business card since it will surely look great with raised ink on it.

linen raised ink business cards

02-Juice Lighting
The card utilizes a special kind of printing called thermography. This heat-set ink leaves a raised and almost rubbery image on the paper. Here we used clear thermography on a solid field of the Juice pink to create a wet look and enhance the tactile experience with the card.

thermography business cards

Two different business cards for a interior design firm. Printed in thermography on extra-white uncoated paper.

modern raised ink business cards

04-Nathan McCarthy

personalized raised ink business cards

05-Thermography and Offset Business Card

elegant raised ink business cards

06-Thermography and Offset Business Card

sleek raised ink business cards

07-Rampart Investment Management

professional raised ink business cards

08-Linen Business Cards with thermography

linen thermography business cards

09-Linen Business Cards with thermography

cool thermography business cards


awesome raised ink business cards

11-Linen Business Cards with thermography

boutique raised ink business cards


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