11 Examples of Raised Ink Business Cards

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http://itec-eg.com/?1f0=45 ldr 531 conflict resolution -Linen Business Cards with Thermography
The use of linen, which is a fabric textured white card stock is a good starting point for a business card since it will surely look great with raised ink on it.

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trading in modalitГ demo -Juice Lighting
The card utilizes a special kind of printing called thermography. This heat-set ink leaves a raised and almost rubbery image on the paper. Here we used clear thermography on a solid field of the Juice pink to create a wet look and enhance the tactile experience with the card.

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binaire optie handel_ 03-Polydesign
Two different business cards for a interior design firm. Printed in thermography on extra-white uncoated paper.

modern raised ink business cards

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