Showcase of 23 Beautiful Yellow Business Cards (Part1)

yellow business cards

What is the color of your business? Many people believe that colors of your business put your customers in a buying mood or creates the wrong perception of your company. That is why it is also important to think what’s the best color to use for your business cards especially if your cards are your primary tool to market your business. The meaning of colors varies depending on one’s culture, race, gender, and even age. So, it isn’t just the selection of colors in general but also which colors to use with your target customers. The color Yellow is considered happy, warm and alert. Thus using yellow can be an attractor for your business with a relaxed feeling.

17 Funny Business Cards With Great Recall

funny business cards

One way to make your business cards memorable is to inject some humor on them. You may, for example, use a funny but catchy copy or by using funny illustrations and pictures. Funny business cards do not only get the attention of prospective clients, they can also make you and your product or services easier to recall or remember. People love to remember things that make them smile or laugh. So if you are planning to design business cards that people will remember for a long time, then try to inject humor on them because as long as people smile, they will surely buy.

30 Coolest Blue Business Card Designs

blue business card

In the Psychology of colors, Blue is the symbol of peace, sky, water, cold, harmony, stillness, constancy, confidence, truth, trust, conservatism, power, honesty, safety, purity and knowledge and is believed to have the ability to reduce appetite, lower body temperature and slow the pulse rate. In modern times, Blue is considered as the global color and the color of business because it is associated with reliability.

20 Powerful Black Business Cards

black business cards

Black business cards never go out of style. As the saying goes, you can never go wrong with black. When designing your business card, the first thing and most important element of your design that you have to decide on is the color to use. Many people prefer to use black for their business cards because it is the color of seriousness, elegance and mystery–characteristics that you also would want to project for your business.

15 Foil-Stamped Business Cards Examples

foil business cards

Ever wondered how foil business cards are done? I am referring to those business cards with shiny metallic shiny elements in different colors. These cards undergo a process called hot foil printing. This process involves the individual application of a very thin layer of foil onto the cards. The foil can be in many colors or in any particular color that you want. Foil stamped business cards available in silver, gold, red, blue or green colors. You can also choose from matt, gloss, metallic and impressive looking prismatic. These foils are applied to an item by a mixture of pressure and heat.