15 Creative Business Cards With Illustrations

creative business card

The use of Illustrations in business cards can make your business cards really unique and outstanding. Just in case you are planning to get yourself an illustrated business card, then here are 15 of the most creative business cards designed using illustrations and unique cartoon characters. Most of these very creative business cards are funny and memorable, something that most of us want to achieve with our business cards. Without much further ado, here are our top 15 illustrated business cards to inspire you in creating your unique illustrated business cards. To know more about a particular business card design, simply click on the link found below each preview image.

9 Exceptional Lawyers Business Cards

lawyer business cards

For most lawyers, having an attractive business card that they can distribute is surely good for business for most lawyers. It is perhaps the more inexpensive form of marketing. Giving out business cards in an appropriate manner helps people remember your name and your profession. It gives them an easy way to contact you should they need your legal services. A lawyer opening a new private practice should make a conscious effort to give out lots of business cards.

24 Ultra Modern White Business Cards

modern business cards

Traditionally business cards were simple black text on white stock. Today, however, business cards come in any color and any shape that sometime we confuse them for something else. However, this does not mean that having a business card printed on a white piece of paper is out of style or already outdated. In fact, if designed right, a simple white business card design would look really modern, stylish and luxurious.

27 Inspiring Hot Pink Business Cards

pink business cards

In branding such as in creating logos, business cards and other marketing materials, the choice of color is always a major consideration. You cannot just pick any color just because it is your favorite color. You need to understand the meaning of colors in different cultures and how they are used in business. You also have to consider the market that you want to cater to. For example, most beauty salons use the color pink or purple for the main reason that their clients are mostly women.

20 Super Funky DJ Business Cards

dj business cards

If you are a freelance disc jockey, having a presentable and professional looking business card combined with your extraordinary talent and charm as DJ is your best tool to attracting business or clients. Your DJ business card should reflect the type of parties, events and crowd that you are catering to, For example if you specialize in rock music, then a funky business cards with lots of grunge and images related to rock music should be the main elements of your card.

14 Elegant Real Estate Business Cards

Real estate business cards are important marketing material for every real estate agent, realtor and developer when dealing with their clients. Agents who are into selling homes should have attractive and stylish business cards to create an good initial impression about the properties they are selling. Ugly business cards reflect the taste of a person and therefore a real estate agents’ taste about homes or properties.

41 Cool Examples of Green Business Cards

green business cardsGreen is in! In fact, green has been a buzzword that has run through almost every industry as people become more conscious about environmental protection, energy saving, climate change, etc. There are a lot of campaigns that encourage people to support companies or businesses that are environment friendly. Thus, green business cards are a great way to help portray an environmentally friendly message.

Gain Exposure With Magnetic Business Cards

magnetic business cards

Several studies have proven that Fridge Magnets and Magnetic Business Cards are the most cost-effective and longest lasting form of advertising that exists. For example, a research by the American Association of Advertising Specialties (AAAS) suggests that a person usually notes refrigerator magnet 23.4 times a day. That is a very good exposure for your magnetic business cards.