10 Unusual Business Cards You Can Taste

unusual business cards

Having unusual business cards is one of the best strategy to advertise your business. That is why many businesses are trying to make their business cards standout by using unusual design, colors, shapes or materials to print their contact details. In this post, we tried to pool together some inspirational business cards that are edible. Yes you read it right… you can actually taste and eat these business cards.

8 Superb Student Business Cards Examples

student business cards

Students can have business cards too. Although it may look pretentious to have a business card as a student, having a business card could be helpful for students. Especially if you are starting to look for a job, handing out a card that would introduce you who you are, how can you be contacted and maybe a brief description or slogan about yourself could be helpful. Here are some helpful tips in designing your student business cards. These are just suggestions and general guidelines and may not be applicable to your situation.

Most Unique Business Cards Using Eco-Friendly Concepts

unique business cards

Business Cards that are eco-friendly are a must if you are trying to go green with your business. We know that the best option is to go paperless by having an electronic business card. But in this world, there will always come a time when you have to hand something to introduce yourself and explain what you do to earn a living. Thus, one of the options when paperless is not an option is having an eco-friendly business card. There are a number of printers out there that offer eco-friendly business card printing.

24 Business Cards with Rounded Corners

rounded corners business cards

Business cards with rounded corners are so popular these days. Try visiting some business card galleries and you will surely notice that majority of the new business cards have these rounded corners. Having rounded corner business cards are so loved by many because they do not only give you an option to break away from the common rectangular business cards to stand out. They also create a feeling of friendliness. They also jibe well with the latest design trends such as the glossy and roundish web 2.0 design style. In terms of cost, having rounded corners for your business card costs a little less than having a die cut business card. So there you have it, you only have to spend a little more to give an extra impact and uniqueness to your business card.

20 Business Cards With Edge Painting

edge painting-business cards

Yes, edge painting your business cards can make them pop up. we bet, no one would dare throw a gorgeous business card such as these edge painted, letterpressed business cards because they just look expensive and classy. In case you are wondering what we are talking about here, we are actually referring to those thick business cards with painted edges in bright green, orange, pink, blue, red, etc. Most of these cards make use of thick board (1/16″ thick or more) to allow edge painting. Actually, the thicker, the better! To make them look even better and elegant, you may opt for letterpress printing to add texture via embossing or debossing. Edge painting nowadays are being not only in printing business cards but in other paraphernalia such as stationery and wedding invitations.

21 Elegant Black and White Business Cards

black and white business cards

The introduction of color printing technology has made people believe that printing in full color is better than black and white. But we are sure that there are a number of artists and designers out there who can prove that limiting an artwork to black, white and shades of gray can produce an artwork that is even more powerful and dramatic than images with a full range of color.

10 Most Elegant Black Letterpress Business Cards

black letterpress business cards

Letterpress remains one of the most popular printing processes used in business card printing. Most people prefer letterpress business cards because they look elegant, classy and formal. Traditionally, letterpress business cards are printed on white card stock using black or color ink. However, a letterpress card on black card stock can be equally stunning, if done right. Here, we decided to compile 10 inspiring letterpress business cards on black card stock.