21 Musician Business Cards That Rock

musician business cards

If you are musician or someone who works in the music industry, having a business card that specifically resembles what you do or your business is essential. Since there are many types of musicians out there and to standout in the competition, your business card should be able to impress by showing that you care about the small details and are extremely talented and professional. A good business card for a musician should be likewise interesting. So go for something that portray a story or drama. Use elements or graphics that are related to music.

20 Smoking Hot Round Business Cards


In order to be noticed, you have to be different. That is why having a business card that does not conform to the millions of regular rectangular business card out there is one big way to make it more memorable and outstanding. However, to make people more intrigued about your round business card and encourage them to read it and eventually keep it for future reference, you should also have to make sure that they are attractive enough and worth keeping. We tried to look around for some inspiration and gather them together in one post. So, below, you are going to see 20 round business cards that exemplify good design.

20 Creative Beauty Salon Business Cards

beauty salon business cards

A great beauty professional whose business revolves around making people beautiful and presentable only deserves the most attractive business card that would represent his or her business. Whether you are a hairstylist, a makeup artist, a beauty product sales agent or a spa owner, it is very important to get a business card that represents you or your business at your best. For example, if you want to let people know that you are a trendy stylist, then try to come up with a business card with an edge to it. Try building a brand and a reputation starting with your beauty salon business cards.

28 Brillant Shaped Business Cards

shaped business cards

Shaped or die cut business cards are your best friends if you are looking for a way to add a bit of flair to your business cards and make them memorable. The number one advantage of shaped or die cut cards is that, you can use them to make a bold statement about your business. I have seen a business card for a coffee shop that is shaped like a coffee mug. This makes the business card standout and memorable. People will be able to identify right away the line of business that you are in just by looking at it.

30 Old Style Vintage Business Cards

vintage business cards

The best way standout in a crowd is to be different. Thus, in a modern world such as ours, one way to get noticed is to go retro or vintage. This can also be applied to business cards. Giving your business card a vintage or retro look will make it standout and memorable. Looking around the net, we realized that there are lots of vintage business cards that look very refreshing and unique. For your inspiration, here are a total of 30 vintage business cards. Most of these vintage business cards are a mix of retro elements while some are very vintage looking so that they look like they are from previous decades or centuries. But do not be deceived… because most of these business cards were produced using modern and advanced printing techniques.

15 Thick Business Cards with Edge Painting

thick business cards

Thick business cards give the impression of strength and longevity. If you want to stand out and leave a lasting impression, then thick business cards are a good investment for your marketing efforts. However, a thick but boring business card will not help in terms of marketing either. There has been a trend where thick business cards are painted with bright colors to make them pop up. I am referring to what printers call as edge painting or edge coloring. If you still haven’t seen one, then this is your chance to get yourself familiar about edge painting.

25 Letterheads and Business Cards Showcase

letterheads and business cards

Having thematic letterhead and business card design is a big plus in building a brand for your business. Since you use this piece of paper along with your business cards in your day-to-day business communication such as in issuing receipts, invoices, bills, verification, among other things, it is just logical to use your letterhead, in addition to your business card, in building your brand. In designing a letterhead for your business, always remember to put your company logo and contact information such as address, phone numbers, email address and website address. There are also companies that list their products or services in their letterheads.

20 Cute Business Cards With Funny Cartoons

cute business cards

Cartoons are both cute and funny. And, since cute and funny always sell, then having a cute and funny business card is a great way to advertise yourself or your products. We have been seeing a lot of business cards that make use of cartoons as the main graphic element. Most of these cards are very catchy and stand out because they look unique and special aside from the fact that they make us laugh. To show you how great these cute business cards are, we listed below 20 designs that make use of cartoons.