20 More Black Business Cards with Foil Stamping


Foiling is a technique in business card printing that remains very popular. The foil, when incorporated into the design, serves as the highlight and therefore makes any flat business card interesting.  If you know more about foiling, check out our earlier post about foil business cards, where we have a thorough discussion on how foiling […]

12 Impressive Personal Trainer Business Cards


Most of us are looking forward to starting the new year right and get fit. So this time, we decided to look at some clever business cards designed for personal trainers. In order to stand out from the rectangular business cards, some personal trainers opt for unique ideas such as extra ordinary shapes, compelling logo […]

30 Most Clever Interactive Business Cards


Your business card is your number one advertising medium to inform people about your business. That is why, businesses are investing more and more to make their business card unique and memorable. A popular way nowadays to achieve these goals is through interactive business cards. Interactive business cards appeal to most people because they can […]

The Very Best 40 Vertical Business Cards

vertical business cards

Most people are afraid to get a vertical business cards because they seem restricted in terms of space. However, this can be solved using a different presentation, graphic elements and overall design. So if you want your business card to stand out without the extra cost, why not try vertical business cards? In this post, we gather 40 of what we think are the best vertical business cards we found from around the web. To know more about each design, simply follow the link provided below each preview image.

20 Business Cards with QR Codes

qr code business cards

Do you wish you have more space in your business card for the important information about your business? You can actually put tremendous information in your business card without being obvious by adding a QR code on it. What is a QR code? QR stands for quick response. By putting a QR code on your business card, people can have quick access to information by simply scanning a bar-code-like button on their smart phone.

20 Frosted Translucent Business Cards

frosted translucent business cards

Frosted translucent business cards are very popular nowadays, especially for people who want to have modern and stylish business cards. Frosted business cards are made from durable plastic so they do not break easily and thus people regard them as something valuable and therefore more likely to keep them.Like paper business cards frosted plastic business cards may also be offset printed or screen printed to give you more options for colors and graphics.You may also add some special effects by having silver or gold foil stamping on the cards. So if you want a business card that look expensive but affordable, then having frosted translucent business card is a great option.

20 Eco-friendly Recycled Paper Business Cards

recycled business cards

Want to make your business card different and at the same time project a good image? How about having an eco-friendly business card that makes use of recycled materials or printing technology that are friendly to the environment. Recycled business card can be a very good choice especially nowadays when people are becoming more and more conscious about environment issues. Showing your prospective clients that you care about the environment in simple ways like having a recycled business card can give you a good image. Contrary to what others believe, your options are actually limitless in perking up your recycled business cards. The examples below attest how business cards made out of recycled materials can be very interesting and unforgettable.