18 Sophisticated White on White Letterpress Business Cards


When it comes to design, less is more. Be it in graphics print design, web design, architecture or interior design, simple designs work best and will never go out of trend. In addition, simple designs give your project a professional, sleek and clean look. For this particular post, we have put together a collection of […]

35 Stylish Yet Eco-friendly Kraft Business Cards


Being green is becoming more mainstream. People are now more and more pro-active in supporting brands and businesses that are environment friendly. For example, eco-friendly materials for product packaging are popping up all over the place. Since business card is the most important marketing tool for any business or profession, showing one’s concern for the […]

35 Refreshing Orange Business Card Designs


One of the things to be considered when designing a business card is the color scheme or theme. For big businesses which usually have a branding, their business card usually follow the colors and typography used across the different marketing and sales branding materials that they produce. But, if you are a small-time businessman or […]

25 Most Unique Photography Business Cards


Photographer is now the most common profession nowadays. Anyone who owns a digital camera claims to be a professional photographer. So, how can you make yourself get noticed in this already saturated market? Perhaps having a nice portfolio website. The problem is, how would people know about your website? The easiest solution is to have […]

Social Media Business Cards: 20 Creative Examples


With the growing popularity of social media sites, maybe it is time to rethink the information we put in our business cards. For most people, their online profiles in networking sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In, among others, carry the most important information about their work, job, relationship. It is becoming to […]

18 Lovely Business Cards with Blind Embossing, Debossing


Blind embossing or debossing is another way to make a rather plain business card more interesting. The added texture and dimension created by debossing or embossing appeals not only to the eyes but also to touch. Embossing is typically accomplished by applying heat and pressure to male and female dies, usually made of copper or […]

Business Card Examples for People in Fashion Biz


For fashion brands and fashion designers, having an attractive business card is one of the necessary tools for marketing. Some clothing brands even use their business cards as hang tags so that people who are buying their products know where to find them online or how to contact them or find their outlets. Just like […]