25 Die Cut Business Cards You Should Check Out

Have you heard of die cut business cards? For those who are not familiar with the word “die cut” –in commercial printing, it actually refers to a process in which paper stock or other materials are cut to create special shapes by using sharp steel blades called a die. That is why irregularly shaped printed materials such as business cards are called that way. Having a die cut or “shaped” cards are a great way to make your cards stand out and unforgettable for the obvious reason that it differs from the regular rectangular cards of most people and businesses.   The downside of having a die cut business card is the higher cost associated with them. But do not worry because there are a lot of commercial printers that print die cut cards for reasonable rates.

Just in case you have been scouting for some inspiring design examples of die cut business cards, here we decided to come up with a round up of 25 unique and creative cards with die cutting done on them. You will notice that these cards were cut to give them a unique shape or remove certain parts of the stock, while others have been cut to allow special folding. If you want to know more about a certain design such as information about the printer, the process taken to come up with such design, cost and who designed a particular card, then just click on the link found below each preview image. I hope you will find these business cards inspiring.

01-The Darling Room
The Darling Room business card was designed by Hammer Press. These cards were letterpressed and die cut in Victorian cartouche shape. They are extremely small and dainty, which are reminiscent of the salon’s interior.

victorian die cut business cards

02- Bridge Photographic
Business Card design for Bridge Photographic through Popcorn Design. This card was die cut with Spot UV Varnish.

photographer die cut business cards

03-1Scale1 Business Cards
A laser-cut business card with pop-out figure.

laser-cut die cut business cards

04- REACTOR Business Cards
Reactor studio’s unusual business cards come with pop up portraits.

unusual die cut business cards

05– Ninja BTL Business Cards
A cool shuriken shaped business card for an ad agency.

shuriken die cut business cards

06– Sandine Abraham Business Cards

personalized die cut business cards

07-Optimum Fotography

fotography die cut business cards

08- M. Brady Clark

apparel designer die cut business cards

09– No. 9 Agency

agency die cut business cards

10– Baris Celebi Personal Card

personal die cut business cards

11- Studio Nine

studio nine die cut business cards

12– Form Axiom

form axiom die cut business cards

13- Accentuate Business Cards

accentuate die cut business cards

14-Akufen Business Cards

akufen die cut business cards

15– Ordered List

orderedlist die cut business cards

16- Sheet Seat Business Card

sheet seat die cut business cards

17– Fifth Floor Gallery

gallery die cut business cards

18-Depux Business Card

depux die cut business cards

19– Silas Business Card

silas die cut business cards

20- Betsy Hammill

elegant die cut business cards

21- Davide Gasperini

modern die cut business cards

22- Fufurufo Cards

sleek die cut business cards

23- Orient Express

oriental die cut business cards

24- Nation Builder Business cards

pop-up die cut business cards

25– Interfuel Business Cards

interactive die cut business cards

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