26 Best Business Cards from February 2010

For our monthly showcase of the best business cards from all over the web this February 2010, here are 26 new designs for inspiration. This month’s gallery includes beautifully designed cards of photographers, designers,  illustrators, digital artists, fashion designers, coffee shops, restaurants and many more. If you would like to know more about each card such as information on who designed them, who printed them, what kind of card stock was used or how much would a similar card would cost if you have them printed by a commercial offset printer, just click on the link found below each preview image. I hope you will find these examples inspiring as well!

bancdebinaryforum 01 – Crabbee Apple: “Peel the Crabbee out of your Core” http://jaholtom.com/?binarit=opzioni-binarie-esperienza&0ac=c6 opzioni binarie esperienza

best studio services business cards

http://fortressdiagnostics.com/?bibi=fi515-week-7-project&e48=5b fi515 week 7 project 02 –Jason Permenter Design

best personalized business cards

iphone tracking software app 03 – Grosz Co Lab
White letter engraved on black stock, blind embossed and laser cut ‘reversed braille’.
ig trading demo

best laser cut business cards

http://cdaybell.com/?page_id=224 Buy Prednisone online without prescription 04 –Jessica Morrisy Letterpress
Printed as a blind impression with cyan ink. 110#/300 GSM, single sided.

best letterpress business cards

mobile spy reviews 4runner mileage 05 – Erica Peerenboom Photography http://weddinginsurance.net//weddinginsurance.net/main-sitemap.xsl treding aq option

best photography business cards

trading binario gratuito 06 – JR Brands (Dutch Fashion Agency) opzioni binarie gratis

best brands business cards

conserving environment better world essay 07 – Artifact http://takarinas-welt.com/?jifew=trading-binario-pubblicita&3a6=fc trading binario pubblicita

best elegant business cards

science research paper ideas 08 – Adforce.ie opzionj binarie no touch alto rendimento

best promotion business cards

http://teamfourbot.com/?y=كيفية-كسب-المال-على-الشبكة كيفية كسب المال على الشبكة 09 – De Koffiemeulen
A set of business cards for De KoffieMeulen, a new coffee store that specializes in coffee, tea and chocolate.

best specialized business cards

http://www.theothersideofthefence.org/?tank=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-sichere-strategien&a45=dd binäre optionen sichere strategien 10 –DomnaBali Houses and Villas for Rent

best realty business cards

11 – Carleton Creative

best creative business cards

12 – Jnash Design

best portfolio business cards

13 – Handmade Cafe

best modern business cards

14 – Diesel Laws T-shirt Design

best design business cards

15 – Windsor Assurance LLC
This slightly over-sized business card was printed with two colors, embossed with a sculpted brass die, and foil stamped, with another pass of printing on top of the foil stamp with black ink.

best over-sized business cards

16 – Jennifer Rogers personal calling card
This personal calling card for model, artist and entrepreneur Jennifer Alyse Rogers was printed in two colors on FiberMark Touche White Cover paper and embossed with a simple monogram.

best entrepreneur business cards

17 – Haroon Printer

best printing business cards

18 – Huong Le Graphic Designer

best portfolio business cards

19 – Richie Weaver

best minimalist business cards

20- Alex Griendling Graphic Artist

best personal business cards

21 – Felicia Vasile, Beauty Adviser and Make up Artist

best make-up artist business cards

22 – C Wood Pentecostal Church

best church business cards

23 –Timebomb Kustoms Letterpress

best custom letterpress business cards

24 – Pattern People

best pattern business cards

25 –Michelle Frankfurter Cotton Embossed Card

best embossed business cards

26 –Alexis Suede Fashion Designer

best fashion designer business cards

9 thoughts on “26 Best Business Cards from February 2010

  1. Awesome designs! These are very inspirational. Makes me wanna design some new business cards. :)

  2. Well, for me yes, those are business card and probably expensive, but they are not even great. they are… ok some of them a bit better but they still ok.
    I’m sorry about it. I’ll keep looking for some better. Thanks for your effort though

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