21 Elegant Photography Business Cards

If you are a photographer, you very well know that having an attractive business card combined with a stunning portfolio is your best weapon to market yourself. In other words, a well-designed business card that reflects the type of photography that you do  will help you build your client base. Also, having a photography business card signals that you are “professional” and not someone who just happens to own a fancy DSLR. camera.  Just make sure that your business includes a link to your online portfolio plus of course the usual information such as phone numbers and email where clients can contact you.

Just in case you are having a design block, here are 21 well-designed business cards from photographers around the world to inspire you in creating your own photography business card. To know more about each design such as the printer, printing process, card stock, cost of printing, etc., just click on the link found below each image. Doing so will take you to the website where these designs were originally posted. I hope you will like them as well.

01-Bridge Photographic Business Cards
Business Cards for Bridge Photographic. It features a unique die cut that resembles a camera lens with spot UV varnish

camera lens photography business cards

02– IIIIII_Name Yannick
A simple yet very elegant design for a photographer.

elegant photography business cards

03-Steve Belkowitz

personal photography business cards

04-Bryon Darby
Business card design of photographer Bryon Darby, beautiful letterpress, white. Printed by The Mandate Press.

letterpress photography business cards

05-Ed McCulloch

modern photography business cards

06-Ryan Prins
A simple business card sporting a minimalist look for a photographer. This was printed using a thick card stock.

simple photography business cards

07-Clint Shuttlesworth
Identity and business card designed for a photographer in yellow and black.

yellow and black photography business cards

08-Freelance Photography and Design

freelance photography business cards

09-Rick Turner
Rick Turner Photographer great new cards printed on GF Smith paper, Colorplan Ebony 540gsm with white, silver and black foil.

great photography business cards

10-Michael Effendy

minimalist photography business cards


creative photography business cards

12-bonini photography

unique photography business cards

13-Vorderman Photography

monochrome photography business cards

14-Bronwyn Sill Photography
Clean, minimalist photography business cards.

professional photography business cards

15-David Clifford

photographic business cards

16-Kathryn Photography
Two-color letterpress business cards printed for a lovely photographer.

letterpress photography business cards

17-Adam Nyholt Photography
Identity and business card designed for a photographer

identity photography business cards

18-Daniel J. Sweeney

photography portfolio business cards

19-Ahmetze Silver Foil Business Card

silver foil photography business cards

20-Ana Himes

stylish photography business cards

21-Laramie Carlson

photography business cards

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