21 Ultra Classy Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards can be very classy and have the natural ability to stand out because they do not only look different but also feel different. In designing your card, you can, for example, emboss your logo or any other shape you can think of.  To further customize your cards, you can also opt to have blind emboss, where the image is simply raised; or emboss with ink, where the raised area is coat with color. On top of that, there is also the so-called foil embossing, where image is coated with a shiny metallic coat.

Not familiar with embossed cards and how embossing is done? Well, in embossing, a custom die with a counter die is used to push the paper (or any other stock you want to use for your business card)  up from the back adding something like a 3D effect. In short, the image or letters are raised on one side of the custom die while the other side of the die has the image indented. So when the paper passes between these two dies, it molds into the shape.

Now, how does embossing differs from letterpress? People often interchange these terms. Truth is,embossing and letterpress are complete opposites. In letterpress, you are actually pressing images into the paper while in embossing, you are pressing images out of the paper.

To illustrate, here are 21 beautiful examples of embossed business cards that we found from different sources online. If you are interested to know more about a certain business card such as the designer, the printing process and where it was printed, just follow the link found below each image.

wie verdienen binäre optionen broker 01-Ashleigh Tucker binäre optionen plattformen

classy embossed business cards

http://pemuda-riau.com/?termos=social-trading&d38=ba social trading 02-Justin Belcher

simple embossed business cards

03-Three Four Three sito di trading online opzioni binarie

personalized embossed business cards

http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2014-03-01/blog-to/ broker bewertungen binäre optionen 04-Stage Right Enterprises

embossed enterprises business cards

http://isoacoustics.com/?tag=ab-demo iq option tutorial 05-Jennifer Alyse Rogers

embossed minimalist business cards

http://www.soleg.de/?optionende=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-wissen&0cd=f2 binäre optionen wissen 06-Elkha

binäre optionen test account embossed nature business cards

essay writing course in london 07-Never Without  v.2

white embossed business cards

training opzioni binarie 08-Wood Grain

wood embossed business cards

binari option 09-Stadium Sporting Good

sporty embossed business cards

http://studioleedsweb.co.uk/?italybinar=trading-binario-on-line&5b4=de trading binario on line 10-Joe Duffy

tin embossed business cards

http://studioahamed.com/?tra=come-fare-trading-in-60-s-nelle-opzioni-binarie come fare trading in 60 s nelle opzioni binarie 11-All Wellness handel mit binäre optionen seiten mit paypal einzahlen

embossed wellness business cards


embossed personal business cards

13-Round and embossed

round embossed business cards


embossed photographer business cards

15-Hendrickson Construction

embossed construction business cards

16-Jonny Meins-Remax

embossed realty business cards

17-Koodoz Design

embossed design business cards

18-Loredana Sangiovanni

embossed blue business cards

19-Distillery Studio

embossed studio business cards

20-Context Gallery Identity

embossed gallery business cards

21-Alex Doty Film maker

embossed film maker business cards

4 thoughts on “21 Ultra Classy Embossed Business Cards

  1. Some nice examples listed. Embossed business cards do look really nice, and give a bit of class to an otherwise pretty plain business card.

  2. i like most of the embossed cards. i will definitely like to get a quote for printing of about 4000 business cards.

    thanks 301 585 1515

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