16 Round Die Cut Business Cards That Stand Out

Making an impression is often about making yourself different from the crowd. Thus if you want to leave a lasting impression to your customers, then having a unique business card is the way to go. One way of making your business card standout from the rest is by having an irregularly shaped card. In a forest of rectangular business cards, having a round business card will surely leave a lasting impression to your target customers. If you are convinced about this, then maybe its time to plan on having your own round business cards. Below is some of the best round die cut business cards examples that we found online. I hope you will find them inspiring!

01- Business Card for Basta
A round business card with a perforated section so that the card can fit in a card holder.

basta round die cut business cards

02- Unique round Business Card
Custom shape and a unique design, I bet you won’t find anybody who doesn’t like this business card.

unique round die cut business cards

03-Lawrence & Schiller Business Cards
2.5″ circle business cards letterpress-printed on rising museum board. Design by creative team at Lawrence & Schiller.

circle round die cut business cards

04- Whatsup Juggling
This one is printed on thick 220lb Crane Lettra cotton paper. The inks are orange, blue and a custom contaminated opaque white. The card was then die cut into 2.5 inch circles.

unique round die cut business cards

05- Murillo Design
Not your typical business card. This one is made of wood.

wooden round die cut business cards

06- Christine Cerniglia
On one side of the business card the pattern was printed on brown paper and then the monogram embossed. A smaller circle with the contact information was then adhered to the backside of the brown circle.

monogram round die cut business cards

07- The Cosmo Card
This design is a 3×3 round business card printed on 16pt Card Stock in full color on both sides. You can opt for high gloss or smooth matte finishing.

textured round die cut business cards

08- Marstyle’s Business Card

marstyle round die cut business cards

09- Mental Squint Business Card
A Round business card that is ecological, made by craftsmen and also doubles as coasters. The business card is 7 cm in diameter.

coaster round die cut business cards

10- Double Sided Business Cards

double-sided round die cut business cards

11- Michael Angela Business Cards

personalized round die cut business cards

12- Hilary Brooke

tag price round die cut business cards

13- Hypno

hypnotic round die cut business cards

14- Zing

zing round die cut business cards

15- Phonomat

phonomat round die cut business cards

16- Cafe Java
These are silk laminated, die cut business cards for Cafe Java, using a cup of coffee photograph and cut-out shape. Coffee mugs filled with coffee shaped business cards.

cafe round die cut business cards

Craving for more round business cards? Then check out our new post on round business card design.

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  1. I am interested in finding out if you would do a custome die cut business or post card that is the shape of a camera or a beautiful female body for my photography business. If not, the round one is fine and I like the one that can be used as a coaster as well. I look forward to hear from you soon with some information.

    Thank you for you time and help.

    Salwa Nessim
    PS: my business website is under construction but will be up and running soon!

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