11 Creative Pocket Business Card Holders

There is nothing worse than a shabby, dog-eared business card stuffed into his pocket. Protect cards while making them look interesting with these unique and creative pocket business card holders. These items also make memorable gifts that your friends or colleagues will surely appreciate.

01- NES Controller
This NES Controller is a new way for you to keep your business cards safe. It acts as a business card holder that is separated in to 2 compartments. The first is dedicated to holding your own business cards so you have somewhere safe to keep them while on the move, the second compartment lets you hold other business cards that you receive when meeting up with business folk.

pocket business card holders

02- Zippo
Protective brass business card case. Handsome alternative to leather business card holders. Made of metal at dimensions: H 3.95″ x W 0.25″ x L 2.66″

pocket business card holders

03- Circuit Board
This savvy little business card case with its techno-appeal will make you the envy of all your peer vice presidents and CEOs. Add insult to injury by showing off this case to people in your organization that don’t even have business cards! Ouch. Holds 10-15 cards (depending on your business card thickness) – yet is small enough to comfortably fit in any pocket or case/bag. Real circuit boards come in many colors and have varying degrees of wiring in them. Consequently, so do these business card holders. Revel in their uniqueness!

pocket business card holders

 04- Pac-Man Business Card Holder
Here’s a great gift idea from Banpresto for the retro-loving businessman (or woman!). The Pac-Man Business Card Holder is a neat case in the design of arcade game superstar Pac-Man. Approaching his thirty-year anniversary in 2010, it’s about time Pac-Man got a promotion! The cases hold most card sizes and have two sections for ease of organization (that is, your own cards and your clients’). Choose from two snazzy designs too: ‘screen’ version shows a retro arcade interface; ‘game’ shows the famous graphics in detail.

pocket business card holders

05-Business card cassette case

pocket business card holders

06- Flip Top Card Case
A unique gift for that professional in your wedding party is the Flip Top Business Card Case. The case is made from mirror finished stainless steel and is perfect for engraving.

pocket business card holders

07- Metropolitan Business Card Holder
This handsome pocket business card holder allows you to collect business cards on one side while keeping your own cards on the other side. You can also personalize this case by adding a debossed logo or name on the outer case.

pocket business card holders

08-Brushed Aluminum Business Card Holder with Flip Out Action
This unique business card holder is an eye catcher! Push a button and the spring loaded top flips up to present your business card. Holds approximately 20 business cards. And it is made of brushed aluminum over steel.

pocket business card holders

09- Wooden Business Card Case
A business card lost in the abyss of a deep purse or creased and forgotten in a back pocket is not much good to anyone. Make sure your pertinent information is always ready—and make a very good first impression—with this handcrafted wooden business card case from Japanese designer Masakage Tanno.

pocket business card holders

10- 16-bit Sega mega Drive
While the Famicom (NES) controller and Pac-Man business card cases have been available for a little while now, but they just rounded out the collection, adding the awesomely awesome 16-bit Sega Mega Drive.

pocket business card holders

11- Carbon fiber business card holder
Here is a nice piece of pocket business card holder that uses two sheets of carbon fiber with a piece of aluminum in-between.  The business cards stay in perfectly, and it is a great way to hold a few cards on you in a conveniently small package.

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